Photo Essay: CET Jordan

Photos by Julia Rapp, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Jordan: Internship, Spring 2017


Morning view of Wadi Rum


CET students spend the night in Bedouin-owned camps and sleep in tents that have solar powered light. The Bedouins provide dinner and breakfast in the main restaurant and play music by a bonfire at night.


The sun starts to set as students and CET staff look onward.


CET students enjoy the view on top of a rock in Wadi Rum waiting for the sunset.


Ad Deir or the monastery or tomb is found on the top of a mountain where tourists can hike up.


All over Petra and especially on the climb up to the monastery you can see Bedouins selling souvenirs such as jewelry, clothes, pottery, decorations and scarves.


View of Petra from the mountain where the monastery lives


A tourist stands on top of a cliff on the way to the top of a mountain where the famous monastery lives. One has to climb 800 steps cut from rocks to get to the monastery.


Students look inside an old temple, which can be accessed by climbing to the top of a hill where one can enjoy beautiful views or buy souvenirs.


The treasury in Petra, an old Nabatean city that one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was carved out from a rose-colored rock, a common color in the Lost City of Petra. It was once believed to hold treasures, hence the name, but it is now believed to have been a temple. It was the first attraction tourists see upon exiting the 1 mile long “siq” a path made from two large rocks.