Photo Essay: CET Jordan

Photos by Syeda Siddiqi, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Jordan: Internship Spring 2019

Blood Orange juice and a very cute cafe named Rumi sits on a quaint street in Webdeih. A beautiful historic neighborhood for those who want to study but also pretend to be in a movie montage.


A small man waits in a small smoothie and vegetable store named We Farm that not only has organic fruits and vegetables but also yummy smoothies. This man is happy where he is.


Wandering the hilly streets of Amman is never a bore and it gives you a great workout! The limestone buildings give the city a shine that only Amman can have.


Despite the white buildings of Amman, the city is far from monochrome. The city is adorned with beautiful paintings and activist sayings. Never a dull moment in Amman.


They say that you reach new heights when studying abroad. I guess they also meant that literally as we climbed all over the Roman Theatre that sat on the pinnacle of Amman’s hills.


No matter where you turn there’s something to see. Especially on the hills of Amman. The whole city awaits you.


Coming to a new city also means having a need to put your mark too. Touch a place you hope no one has touched before. Give to Amman what Amman has given you.


Amman has an endless supply of cozy seats overlooking beautiful streets. This cafe named Fann Wa Chai has many seats to sit and ponder or to do your homework. The bonus is that they have a fish in their TV!


The streets themselves hold so much history it’s hard to not look back. Amman has many secrets to tell you if you are willing to listen.


Amman also has eccentric art that brightens up every day. Everything is also rooted in activism and Arab pride.