Photo Essay: CET Japan

Photos by Thuy Nguyen, (Soka University of America) Student Correspondent CET Japan, Spring 2018

As I wrapped up my semester in Japan, one of the best memories is to be able to use the public transportation system. Compared to the United States, the train system here is easy to use and very convenient! There is a Shinkansen (the fastest train in Japan) park in Osaka, so you know how much people value the train here!


Besides the train, I have to mention my best friend – my best travel buddy throughout the past 4 months in Japan: my bicycle. If you visit Osaka, you will see people of all ages riding their bicycles everywhere, and it is so very easy to do so! I was able to travel to nearly all the museums and food places with my bicycle, and my Osaka journey will not be complete without it!


This picture showcases my dearest classmates and Japanese teacher. We took it right after the exam, so you can see all the excitement! It has been great studying with these beautiful people, and I cannot imagine my 4 month experience here without them. My teacher said that we were very studious and caused no trouble, but we all knew that we secretly caused her headache. 4 months flew by, but memories remained.


My friends and I attended the Kimono event and we had fun trying out traditional Japanese outfits!


For girls, we could try out not only kimono but also hakama. The two styles are very different, but they are all very pretty.


The last CET event is the BBQ one! We had it next to the river and just have a fun day chilling. My roommate and I took this picture under the bridge, and I think she’s too overwhelmed with my love for her.


This is the picture of all the members of my dorm (Arabesque) and the neighboring dorm (Wood House). It is crazy to think how fast time has passed by, but I’m grateful to be able to live in the same roof with these lovely people, sharing food, stress, and laughter!


This picture marked the end of CET program. Every single member has become such an important part of my CET journey that I cannot help feeling thankful thinking about each of them. I’m proudly introducing you to my CET family!


Chloe, the first girl from the right side, is the first one to depart. I was overwhelmed with sad feelings that day, seeing one member of my family leaving me. But also, I know we had a fun time and would definitely see each other again. CET has allowed us to create a strong bond, and I’m so thankful to be able to participate in this program.


My mom came to Japan to visit me, and I was able to show her around, ordered food in proper Japanese, and introduced Osaka, a place which I consider home, to her. CET has sparked a love for Osaka for me, and allowed me to make so many new friends and to experience a whole new culture. Even though the program is short, there have been thousands of unforgettable memories.