Photo Essay: CET Harbin

Written by Michael Young, (Washington State University) Student Correspondent for CET Harbin Fall 2017

students on train

CET Student Christopher, a classmate of mine. He poses as I take a picture of him on our train to Beidaihe, a beach town nearby the sea, about 70 miles away from Beijing. It was our CET weekend getaway for the semester.


Director on bus

CET Harbin Director Li Laoshi gets everyone’s attention on the bus. We were heading to local tourist trap village for breakfast.



My new friend, Changjiang. We met during the program, as I was studying one night. We discussed English and Chinese and ended up becoming friends.


Dragon Dance

We eventually reached a nearby famous park. I can’t remember the name of it now, but it hosted the 2008 Olympic torch bearer who ran through through on his way to beijing. Mao Zedong also visited the place briefly. But the real attraction is shown here. A traditional dragon dance was put on. It was simply gorgeous.


More of the dragon dance.

More of the dragon dance.


After the dragon dance, I got to go see the ending of the great wall of China, where its edge finally meets the sea. What is pictured here is actually the reconstructed wall, built in the 1980’s to attract tourism. The original parts of the wall built in the Ming Dynasty as well as earlier have all sadly crumbled away. Although, a part of it still exists as a part of the reconstructed wall. This tiny tan segment is dated from the Qing Dynasty.


great wall

The area of the wall that still has a part of the original Great Wall. It is the tan piece supported by the beams.



Me and my local roommate, He Shan, pose nearby the ocean.


This is a statue of Guan Yu, who is essentially the Chinese Folk Religion’s god of war. Guan Yu was a real person, who was a great and powerful general. After he died, he was revered as a hero, and eventually a god. Many temples can be found in China, dedicated to him. This one was nearby the sea in Beidaihe.


I had to do it. Here is a CET shot in sand.


A picture of Beidaihe, shrouded in mist from the sea. This was taken from a mountain top. During our little trip, we visited a local holy mountain and got to see a bunch of temples and awesome sights like this.


Back on Campus. Fall quickly has swept in. The campus was gorgeous, and as fall is my favorite season, I couldn’t help but to take pictures. Lots of lanterns were hung up for the Mid-Autumn Festival, or ZhongQiuJie 中秋节(中秋節)