Photo Essay: CET Harbin

Written by Michael Young, (Washington State University) Student Correspondent for CET Harbin Fall 2017

My first ever meal in China. Cucumber Coslaw heavily peppered and drizzled with mayonnaise over rice.


View of outside from my dorm room window.


Harbin Institute of Technology from Dorm 6, the CET Dorm.


Dorm 6, At the Harbin Institute of Technology. This is where all of the Students of CET Harbin stay.


One of HIT's famous landmarks

One of HIT’s famous landmarks


CET Student Joshua. He’s actually a classmate of mine from WSU. We took the same classes in the US, and now we are taking the same classes in Harbin too!


Orientation, just before our language pledge finally kicked off.


building construction

One of the many buildings being constructed near campus. It is testament to the great amount of growth China is still experiencing regardless of a slight slump in the Economic growth.


Some of the neighborhoods nearby campus. Harbin, Despite China’s recent climb towards wealth, is still a developing city, even with a population of nearly 2 million. Though the apartments are dilapidated, they still ooze a pretty color and are surprisingly pleasant to look at.


Two men play Xiangqi in the morning. Xiangqi is a popular Chinese board game, similar to Chess. When the weather is nice out, the elderly often gather on the street curbs to play and relax, and enjoy the morning.