Photo Essay: CET Harbin

Photos by Hallie Carmen, (Connecticut College) Student Correspondent CET Harbin, Spring 2017

It’s hard to believe that I am writing this blog post sitting on my own couch at home. My 3 and a half months in Harbin flew by so fast.  For my last blog post I have decided on posting a combination of photos from throughout the semester. Taking part in CET Harbin was by far the best decision I made.  My Chinese language abilities have not only improved tremendously, but I have made lifelong friends and relationships that I will continue to cherish forever.  I’m heartbroken that the program is over. However, I hope in the future to take part in the program again and return to Harbin. Thank you everyone for making my experience in Harbin one I will remember for the rest of my life! 我爱你们!

A couple of us representing CET Harbin at Harbin Institute of Technology’s sports competition opening ceremony. We all got to wear super cool “只说汉语 ”only speak Chinese“ shirts.


A frequent motion of our RA Lucas Grisham, lover of photography.


As part of our one-on-two class, we took a field trip to a tea house and learned about Chinese tea customs.


CET students enjoying the sun during our weekend trip to Beidaihe


A photo I took minutes after arriving on campus for the first time back in February.