Photo Essay: CET Harbin

Photos by Hallie Carmen, (Connecticut College) Student Correspondent CET Harbin, Spring 2017


A view of the flood monument on a typical day. The flood monument is essentially where Central Street ends and where the Songhua River begins.


Last weekend a bunch of us took a short trip to Sun Island, 太阳岛 a large park where locals as well as tourists go to enjoy the luscious greenery Harbin has to offer in the Spring and Summer months. While at the park we took a break from our homework, had a picnic, and walked around the park. From a literal “Swan Lake,” full of white and black swans, to large patches of green, the best way to describe Sun Island is as a combination of a theme park, generic public park, and culture park.


A CET Student, Rachel Glasser, and a Chinese roommate (Xiao Bao) consult a map of the park.


A view of one of the various bodies of water from inside a rock-like structure.


A view of one of the various promenades Sun Island has to offer. Coming from New York, I couldn’t help but see a slight resemblance to New York’s Central Park.


A view of a walkway that leads to another part of the park.


“Sun Lake” and various boats.


CET Student Alissa Smith, Hallie Carmen (Myself), and Saraly Guerrero’s ”自拍“ or selfie while enjoying our time at the park.


A view of Daoli and Daowai districts from a small footbridge on Sun Island.