Photo Essay: CET Film in Prague

Written by Amanda Luthy, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Film in Prague, Fall 2017

Cesky Krumlov

During our orientation weekend, the CET crew headed to Cesky Krumlov, a small village in Southern Bohemia that feels like entering the pages of a red titled roof fairytale. Walking amongst its cobblestone streets makes anyone feel like royalty.



On our free day in Cesky, a group of us climbed to the top of one of its numerous hills. At the top, we came across a medieval church, a seemingly never-ending meadow of wildflowers, and picturesque white horses roaming free. Never have I been somewhere so idyllic.


Trdelniks dessert

While not an authentic Czech dessert, Trdelniks (pronounced “tourist traps”), are worth it! Warning: they will melt all over your hands.


Babelsberg Film Studio

When in Babelsberg Film Studio, take pictures on Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” set. One things for certain: Keep your hands off our lobby boy!


Brandenburg Gate

Starting our exploration of Berlin, FAMU students began our guided film tour at Brandenburg Gate. Once a symbol of division, the Brandenburg Gate now remains a national symbol of peace and unity. What other vital information did I learn from my tour guide? Apparently, everyone in Europe loves Rick and Morty.



Have a few hours between your screenwriting and an editing seminar? Finished your Czech homework and meeting with your group to practice your pitch tonight? Take advantage of the Vltava River and sharpen your photography skills by engaging with Prague’s second largest population: Swans.


coal mine

We went to Ostrava, Czech Republic for the Ostrava Kamera Oko film festival but instead had the most fun at Dolní Oblast Vítkovice: an operating coal mine. Hard hats, rain ponchos, and tea at the top of a bypast gasholder; what’s not fun about that?


Our genuine reaction to sitting in a theater with little children dressed in wizard gear watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban all in Czech without English subtitles at the Ostrava Kamera Oko Film Festival.