Photo Essay: CET Film in Prague

Photos by Amanda Luthy, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Film in Prague, Fall 2017



The best way to celebrate passing our Czech Language and Cinematography final exams? Bake chocolate chips cookies…or one large cookie sheet to be more accurate! Note to future students: chocolate chips do not exist in Prague. You’re going to have to be creative and improvise!


replica of the Bohemian Alps

You could take advantage of Prague’s numerous cultural experiences and nightlife offerings, or you could make a replica of the Bohemian Alps with your roommates on a Friday night. The choice is yours!


No need to travel outside of Prague to get into the Christmas spirit! With a plethora of markets, there are plenty of Trdelniks to consume, mulled wine to keep your hands warm, and handmade ornaments to bring back to the States!



Just a small sample of the hand-painted ornaments you can purchase at the Christmas market in Namesti Miru: my personal favorite. The options are truly endless!



Sometimes, your apartment can become a movie set and other times, it can become a storage holder for camera and lighting equipment. If you’re lucky, your apartment can become both at once!


Film props

It can be said that every short film requires blood, sweat, and tears. Others need pork intestines, fake blood, and newspapers.


Making Crafts

In the spirit of Christmas, our Czech buddy, Tereza, hosted a DIY holiday craft night with Apartment 15: myself and my roommates.  I cannot even begin to count the number of snowflakes that were crafted in a two-hour time span!


Holding Craft Project

My lovely Czech buddy is mostly smiling because we finally turned off Justin Bieber’s Dummer Boy for Queen’s Thank God, It’s Christmas.