Photo Essay: CET Brazil

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Brazil, Spring 2017


One of my favorite things about Brazil is the food. A common Brazilian dish is meat, rice, beans, French fries, and salad, which usually consists of a few vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce, or in this case carrots and beets.


During our time at the beach, our tour guide took us on a hike through the rainforest along the beach. The hike eventually ended at an area near the ocean with large natural pools that we were able to swim in. It was a breathtaking view, even though the water was a little cold.


On our second day in Paraty, we visited nearby waterfalls. The waterfalls were so beautiful and we were able to swim and jump off them.


One of the best parts about our trip to Paraty was that our Brazilian roommates were able to come too! My roommates and I became really close over the semester, and it was great getting to share our Paraty experience with them.


One popular tourist site in São Paulo is Beco do Batman, or Batman Alley. Beco do Batman is filled with street art, and is a great spot to take pictures.


Our roommates took us to see Beco do Batman as our last roomie outing in São
Paulo. We made sure to get a lot of cute photos together!


I was so lucky this semester to have such amazing roommates. My roommate Gabi is a kind, caring and wonderful person. I loved having her show me around her city and help me with my Portuguese.


On Saturdays in Beco do Batman, there is a small street market, known as Armazem Da Cidade,
where vendors sell clothing, jewelry, and food. One of the foods we tried was a delicious Nutella milkshake.


In addition to selling clothing and food at the market near Beco do Batman, there was also live music.