Photo Essay: CET Brazil

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Brazil, Spring 2017

One weekend, I was able to go on a hiking excursion in São Paulo. The hike was a little outside the city in Parque Estadual da Cantareira. During the hike, we stopped to practice yoga, and the time spent in the park was a great way to escape from city life for a few hours.


During Easter weekend, I took a trip to Guarujá—a beach town about an hour outside of São Paulo. The beaches in this area are popular for people from the city of São Paulo to visit if they want to escape to the beach for the day or weekend.


On Sundays, Paulista Avenue closes and is open only to pedestrians. On Paulista Avenue, they have street performers and vendors selling drinks, food, and others goods such as jewelry. One Sunday, I bought some delicious Guava juice from one of the local street vendors.


During the last week of April, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Rio is a beautiful city, and it was interesting seeing Rio in comparison to São Paulo. One of the areas we visited was Copacabana. The beach was relaxing and beautiful; even though the water was a little cold.


During my time in Rio, I visited Christ the Redeemer. The statue is 38 meters high and has a beautiful view of the city. It was an amazing wonder to visit and well worth the trip.


Brazil is famous for its delicious açaí. Another yummy treat is pitaya. Pitaya is similar to açaí, but sweeter. BIBI Sucos, a famous restaurant chain in Rio, has delicious pitaya juice.


Another popular sight to visit in Rio is the Escadaria Selarón. The Escadaria Selarón, or Selarón Steps, are famous steps made out of mosaic tiles created by artist Jorge Selarón.


For one of our CET events, we had the opportunity to attend a night of poetry known as Cooperifa. In addition to hearing many amazing poets, each person received a piece of paper where they could write a wish or poem. At the end of the night, we all tied our papers to balloons and everyone went into the street to let their balloons go.


One famous sight in São Paulo is the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge. The bridge goes over the Pinheiros river and is a common image used to represent the city.