Photo Essay: CET Brazil

Photos by Adeyemi Olatunde, (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) CET Brazil, Spring 2017

The natural Beauty of Salvador on our way to the beach.


Beach day.


While at the beach, you have to bury someone in sand. It takes a brave soul to take on such an important role.


I am truly in love with the colors in Salvador!


Our eyes were peeled as we watched the energetic performances by the amazing members of the Arte Consciente NGO who worked with young people in their local community. The arts are used as a way for the young people to express themselves.


The colorful streets of Salvador. The vibrant colors of the streetscape are closely aligned to the vibrant soul of this amazing city.


We got the opportunity to learn Capoeira from one of its most famous masters – Mestre Cobra Mansa. This was a brilliant experience as we not only learn about Capoeira but also the mind of a well-travelled soul.


The weather in Salvador never ceases to amaze me! During our tour we got a chance to take in the beauty of the city.


Beautiful people. Beautiful vibes. Beautiful city.