Photo Essay: CET Brazil

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez, (American University) Student Correspondent CET Brazil, Spring 2017

São Paulo is home to many international cuisines and dishes from around the world. Liberdade is a neighborhood is São Paulo with a high number of Japanese, Chinese and Korean residents. Rong He, a Chinese restaurant in Liberdade, has amazing food including these delicious dumplings.


For one of our CET excursions, we visited Embu das Artes, which is located slightly outside of the city of São Paulo. There is a large market with artwork and handcrafted goods for sale. There is also delicious food including açaí, chocolate covered strawberries, and doce de leite.


During our traveling seminar to Bahia, we were able to experience a variety of new foods. One of my favorite foods was the cocadas, which are candies made out of coconut and sugar. They sold them everywhere in Salvador including on the beach.


One of the sites we visited in Salvador was the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim. Outside the Church, the walls are filled with Bonfim bracelets. When you wear the bracelet, you are supposed to make three wishes when it is being tied around your wrist, and then when the bracelet falls off, your wishes will come true.


Our hotel in Salvador was located right on the water and down the street from the Barra Lighthouse. The lighthouse is one of Salvador’s historic landmarks and helped guide ships into the port city.


During one of our days in Salvador, we had the opportunity to cook traditional Bahian food. We spent the whole day cooking rice, okra, chicken, sweet beans, and other traditional dishes. One of the main ingredients used in Bahian food is palm oil.


On our last full day in Bahia, we had the opportunity to visit two islands. This island, Ilha dos Frades, was the first island we visited and was an hour boat ride from Salvador. The island was beautiful and a great place for swimming.


The second island we visited was Ilha de Itaparica, which was a 30 minute boat ride from Ilha dos Frades. While on Ilha de Itaparica, we had a delicious lunch, swam in the water and relaxed in the hammocks before returning to Salvador.


During the city tour, our tour guide took us to an amazing ice cream shop. We were able to try a multitude of delicious flavors such as pineapple, guava, peanut butter and many more. I ended up getting green coconut ice cream, which is similar to coconut ice cream but it is more fresh and less creamy.