Photo Essay: CET Beijing

Jewel Drigo, (University of Michigan) Student Correspondent CET Beijing Summer 2017

Dancing lessons in the early hours at Behai Park


I interviewed these ladies about their love for Tai Chi that brings them to the park every day and they taught me a few moves.


Wow our hands are the same you know. Your skin is just black and mine is yellow” This was the day my roommate realized I had the same nails as her and had the true epiphany that we are all one in the same despite race.


The picture showcases the true magnificence of Beijing and it’s ability to contain so much activity while maintaining an air of peace and serenity.


Hutong in the middle of a bustling business district;the owners refuse to sell.


A pollution “free” day in Beijing is always a cause for celebration.


CYBL Nationals students showcasing their relief and excitement after completing the round in first place.


Elderly woman in Behai Park keeping in tune with her Tai Chi skills.


Residents from a nearby Hutong getting their daily exercise from the ancient Chinese game: Jianzi.