Photo Essay: CET Beijing

Photos by Joanna Linderman, (Ohio State University) Student Correspondent CET Beijing, Summer 2017

Beijing West is one of China’s biggest and most famous train stations. It’s very crowded and hot during the busiest hours of the day and of course, during holidays. Inside the station there are numerous shops, fast food chains, and restaurants at which lots of people sit down and enjoy a bite to eat before traveling.


Wang Fu Jing is located in one of Beijing’s richest districts. Its streets are occupied by enormous malls, lavish restaurants, fancy hotels, and businesses from around the globe. Wang Fu Jing is an amazing place to buy things but also to view what life is like as a wealthy Chinese.


One of my favorite Chinese cuisines is noodles. Chinese people enjoy eating all kinds of food and much of it by America’s definition is considered “strange.” This image is of Snail Noodles and they are some of the tastiest noodles I’ve ever eaten.


CET allowed many of us the chance to see the famous Chaoyang Acrobats. The show was amazing and each performer just as amazing as the last one. In this image, two men are climbing down the stairs using only their hands; the first man is using the second man’s back as a balancing point.


(ChaoYang Acrobats continued) In this image, there are a bunch of dancers using their bodies to form a pyramid.


Peach Valley Gorge was not a very rigorous hike, and was very beautiful. The rock formations, flowers, trees, and lake made the whole place breathtaking.


We were able to visit a museum at which we learned about the evolution and historical significance of Chinese characters. The museum was located outside of the city and was surrounded by many beautiful gardens.

On most streets in China, you can find small vendors who sell foods of all sorts. These types of places are famous because they are cheap, conveniently close, and offer quick service. The food is very delicious but eat it at your own risk. Sometimes these small carts do not have the highest hygiene standards.


In China, it’s very common to have a themed coffee shop. For example: Legos, anime, Japanese/European, etc. These types of coffee shops usually serve specialty drinks and give the customer an entertaining and enjoyable time while sipping on their drink. This cat cafe had cats of all shapes and sizes who lived at the cafe. They were free to roam anywhere they want, including jumping on the table.