Photo Essay: CET Beijing

Photos by Joanna Linderman, (Ohio State University) Student Correspondent CET Beijing, Summer 2017

One of the class excursions we went on was to the park to interview the elderly and get to know the how China’s retired spend their time. The park itself was beautiful, filled with all different kinds of beautiful flowers, small shops, and of course people of all ages. The elderly in China are very active and told us they try to go to the park to exercise daily. What was so fascinating about the park was that in certain areas of the part ‘classes’ take place and are lead by an experienced person. For example, traditional Chinese dancing, Martial Arts, jogging, Badminton, meditation, and stretching just to name a few. After a few odd looks, it’s safe to say that we had a great experience.


中国桌子 means ‘ Chinese Table’, a term used when many people eat a big table which contains a lazy Susan. In the picture, there are multiple meat dishes, vegetable dishes, dumplings, and rice. In China, it’s customary to order many dishes and share them amongst the whole group instead of everyone individually ordering a dish.


To help students learn more about the Chinese culture, CET gives students 3 classes to chose from; Chinese Calligraphy, Traditional Painting, and Martial Arts. The photo above is the second painting done during our art class.


Tiananmen is a very famous place in China for historical purposes.
Today, however, Tiananmen has become a huge touristic attraction. Located in a rich part of Beijing, surrounded by multicolored flowers, China’s biggest museum, malls, and The Forbidden City right in front, Tiananmen is a must see.


Visiting Tiananmen


We had a rare chance to go to see a Beijing Opera theatre show. We watched a play called “莎土比亚别生气” which roughly means ‘Shakespeare Gets Angry.’ It was so cool to watch this production and observe how Chinese writing style differs from the West.


It took about 30 minutes for my friends and me to walk up the incredibly steep mountain to reach the Great Wall. Despite being exhausted and sweaty, we finally made it. The Great Wall is so incredibly high up, that you’re able to see the beautiful mountains, the cities below, and the wall disappearing into the distance.

Traveling in Beijing with a taxi soon gets exhausting as the traffic often comes to a stop for hours in a row. The subway is the fastest and most convenient way to get around! During rush hour it is jammed packed with people.
However, once you’ve mastered the subway,
you can travel anywhere.


If you are a shopper and a lover of fashion, China’s malls are for you. The malls in Beijing are beautiful, modern, and have it all. They accept visa credit cards as well which is so great! Going to the mall is definitely a great experience as you are able to see the differences between American and Chinese malls and fashion.