Photo Essay: CET Beijing

Jewel Drigo, (University of Michigan) Student Correspondent CET Beijing Summer 2017

They were happy to pose for a picture in exchange for the same of a foreign face. Seemed fair enough to me


China: the one place you may enjoy a million dollar view and a 1 USD meal all at the same time


Growing up watching the Avatar cartoon I mistakenly labeled this game as Pai Sho, another ancient Chinese game.


I met Mr. Chang on the way to the market. He was doing his weekly chore of moving the vines so that it grew along his intended path (and away from his air condition)


My roommate told me that these were the sons of dragons according to old Chinese fables. They have to endure certain challenges before transforming into dragons themselves


Laughter is contagious


“Why are they different skin colors? Was that one monk of black descent?” It is amazing how we try to find parallels and commonalities in environments that seem unfamiliar.