New Protocol for Course Codes

We have recently completed a comprehensive audit of our course designators, numbers, and levels, with a view to better calibrating and standardizing these elements across CET programs. This process had nothing to do with changing the content of our courses, but did yield some changes to how you will see courses listed in syllabi and on transcripts:

Geographical designators have been standardized.
We now have a common set of designators for all programs. For example, our program codes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam changed from VN to HC, and those in Amman, Jordan changed from AR to AM.

Disciplinary designators have been added.
The primary academic focus of a course is now much more easily determined at first glance.

Levels of rigor have been reviewed, standardized, and refreshed.
We made sure all courses are numbered accurately to reflect their levels of difficulty. Though most of our courses our aimed at the 300-level, for example, we reset many upper-level language courses taught in the target language to be more consistently numbered in the 400s and 500s.

All of our web pages have been updated accordingly, and our online syllabi are being updated as soon as they are made available. We took on this standardization process as a part of our commitment to academic excellence, both in content and administration. We send our sincere thanks to our partner universities for their understanding and cooperation as we make these enhancements.