New Opportunities in China and Vietnam

CET Vietnam has a few new course titles. These minor changes better reflect the topics examined, making it easier for students to select the courses they need.

  • Development Studies in Southeast Asia (formerly, Challenges in Vietnam’s Development)
  • Public Health in Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Approach (formerly, Public Health in Vietnam)
  • Internship: Bridging Theory and Practice (formerly International Service in the Developing World)
  • Development Studies in Southeast Asia (formerly Public Health Through Development)

With all of these course title changes, we thought the program needed a more precise title, too. CET Vietnam is now officially CET Vietnam: Development Studies. And because we are moving away from the terms “service” and “service-learning”, we now offer the Community-Based Learning in Rural Vietnam summer program (formerly Summer Service in Rural Vietnam).

CET Harbin’s signature class, the One-on-One Tutorial, is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a Chinese language class. One-on-One topics come from students—they tell us what they want to study, and we create an individualized course for them. Our newest list of tutorials show what’s on the mind of creative CET Harbin students:

  • China’s “Tech Boom”
  • Dog Shelters in China
  • Chinese Environmental Conservation
  • “Pipa” Music Theory & Lesson
  • The History of Jewish Harbin
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese-Korean Relations
  • Teaching Chinese to Beginners

CET Beijing programs are expanding student options. Beijing: Intensive Language has a new Activity Week. For one whole week, students (and teachers, too!) leave the classroom and spend the week practicing their language where it counts—out in the city. They’ll visit a migrant school, head to shopping malls and restaurants to talk with service staff, and even learn how to cook in a Chinese kitchen.

As for the Beijing: Internship program, the list of internship sites continues to grow with every passing term.

  • At the Guang’anmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, a student taught medical English to nurses and helped develop a TCM app for smart phones.
  • At the Beijing LGBT Center, students have helped improve the website, and done promotional work for the Queer Film Festival.
  • Students have also interned at Thirst (environmental NGO), Blue Ocean Network (Satellite TV), and WeConnect (promoting women in entrepreneurship).

CET Shanghai has expanded its lists of internship possibilities, thanks to our students who help build our reputation in the city as a provider of smart, competent interns.

  • At the American Consulate General Shanghai, students produce daily economic news briefings and assist with high-level visits from members of the US Congress.
  • At the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, students have served as library assistants in the SASS special collections.
  • At Ernst & Young, students train in forensic accounting, shoulder to shoulder with new hires.
  • Students have also interned at Heinz Global Procurement, Tongji Biomimetic Design Lab, and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

To give students more time focus on these internships, Chinese language class hours have been reduced. As of 2017, CET Shanghai students now take 6 hours/week of Chinese language only.