New CET Programs

CET Taiwan is off the ground! The program operated this summer with an initial group of 10 students. Students took a full load of intensive Chinese language classes at the International Chinese Language Program, conducted an internship, shared an apartment with Taiwanese and other international students, and explored the tropical island of Taiwan.

Already in its short tenure, internships are proving to be a program highlight. CET Taiwan students can intern at:

  • A major political party, and help organize a political campaign or caucus.
  • A forensic medicine institute, and work in the lab next to forensic scientists.
  • The China Post, Taiwan’s leading English language newspaper, and help journalists conduct interviews.
  • The Taipei Zoo, and learn to be a guide or assist with zoo video production.

CET Argentina operates for the first time in Spring 2018. Based in Córdoba, a city with a long history as the epi-center of Latin American social movements, the program focuses on grassroots activism and political change. By examining this context through coursework and excursions, and by integrating locally through intensive Spanish classes and housing shared with a local roommate, CET Argentina students have the timely opportunity to both reexamine and exercise their own activist ideals.

CET Florence: Film Production is new in Fall 2018. Students take a full load of film courses at the New York Film Academy in Florence. They produce six brief films using a digital camera. No previous film experience is required and all film equipment is provided. To ensure that they get the most out of their experience, the CET Florence: Film Production program kicks off with three weeks of intensive Italian language classes. Students also enjoy full staff support, beautiful city-center housing, activities in the region (think: biking in the Tuscan countryside or attending a gelato-making class), and an overnight trip to Rome.

And finally, programs in Delhi, India are coming soon! Starting in Summer 2018, students will be able to choose from a Hindi or Urdu intensive language program or an internship program. Internship students will contribute to the work of a local NGO, technology start-up, or multi-national company. Intensive language students will hone their skills in real-life settings: in the market, on a scavenger hunt with a local buddy, or over dinner with their homestay family. We are excited to expand our presence in India to this dynamic capital city! Stay tuned for more information this fall.