How does the CET New Media application process work?

1. The first step is for you to complete an online application. Visit the CET New Media webpage and click Apply Now.

2. Next, your completed application and portfolio will be reviewed by CET and also sent to the Advisory Board for review.

3. If the Advisory Board gives your portfolio the greenlight, your application is then sent to FAMU, the host university in Prague, and you will be interviewed by a FAMU professor. If FAMU decides that you are a good match for the New Media program, they will recommend to CET that you be admitted. Otherwise, if the Advisory Board determines that you do not have the necessary experience for New Media, but are be qualified for the Film or Photography programs, you may be offered the opportunity to apply for those programs. You will be asked to submit additional application materials.

4. Approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the application deadline, CET will issue admissions decisions and will get you started on pre-departure information and forms that will prepare you for your intended journey.