How do I earn credit for my CET college study abroad semester?

Technically speaking, CET does not award credit. We recommend credits based on the level of course rigor and the number of course contact hours. Your home institution awards credit based on our recommendations and its own requirements.

(If you attend  a program that provides transcripts from a US partner, you receive credit from that institution.)

Here’s how our system works: We recommend one credit for each weekly contact hour, provided one to two hours of outside preparation are required for every hour spent in class. Short-term (summer or Janterm) courses and courses that require less outside work are recommended at lower rates. We developed this system in consultation with our US partners to ensure academic rigor in all courses, and fair credit allocation across programs.

During the application process, we ask you to complete a Home Institution Approval Form. This form requires that you work with your home institution study abroad office and academic advisor to determine which CET courses are accepted for credit. The vast majority of our students typically receive a full semester’s worth of credit for one of our programs. (Fall or Spring: 12 to 18 credits. Summer: 6 to 9 credits.)

We require each student to take a full course load on site regardless of program or credit needs.