High School & Pre-College Programs Abroad

Student Support

We recognize that study abroad at the high school/pre-college level is a family affair. We hope that parents/guardians and students will discuss personal and academic goals and consider options together. While we encourage students to take responsibility for the application and predeparture process as well as for their engagement in the program itself, we also welcome parent inquiries and questions throughout the entire study abroad experience. CET staff are available to assist with program selection, academic concerns, financial questions, health and safety, and any other topics. We know that parents need to feel confidence in the program while fostering a sense of independence for young adults.

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Health & Safety

Each student is provided travel health insurance through GeoBlue, the cost of which is included in the program fee. CET has chosen GeoBlue as our provider because the insurance is comprehensive and includes evacuation coverage for both individual medical emergencies and movement of the group in case of changing realities on the ground.

On site, we provide up-to-date information about local health facilities and assist students in accessing them should health needs arise.  In-network facilities bill GeoBlue directly so there’s no need to pay out of pocket.

Full-Time, Bilingual, On-Site Staff

We have at minimum a 1:10 staff to student ratio, which include group leaders, resident staff, and academic staff. Group leaders are available 24/7; handle housing, excursions, and day-to-day logistics; and are trained in emergency prevention and management. Resident staff live full-time in our on-site locations and provide a bridge between our students and the local community. Academic staff supervise the curriculum, manage the faculty, and monitor courses.


A program deposit of $500 is required within two weeks of acceptance to confirm a space in the program and is applied to the program fee. Final payment is typically due several weeks before departure. The exact due date for payment will be posted in the student’s online account. The final invoice will be sent to the student’s parent/guardian directly via email. Payment can be made by check, credit card, or money order. There is no surcharge for using a credit card.