High School & Pre-College Programs Abroad

College Credit and Transcripts

After wrapping up your program coursework successfully, you will receive a transcript jointly issued by CET and our partner institution at that site. Your transcript will list your courses, corresponding grades earned, and total contact hours. Transferring credit to a US college or university is at the discretion of that institution. Once you know which school you will attend, check with the admissions or study abroad office about credit transfer. Upon request, CET will send an official copy of the transcript to the college you designate.

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College-level Academics

The focus of each program is a lower-division college course designed to provide a broad introduction to the overall program theme. Your classes use locality as a springboard to bring concepts to life and incorporate out-of-class learning opportunities—not to mention give you unique access to your host community and country. Language classes place emphasis on oral proficiency and support immersion in the local culture. And your coursework provides you the opportunity and challenge of navigating academics at the college level in a caring, supportive environment.

Expert Faculty and Networks

Courses are taught by university-level faculty and teachers—many of whom work with students on CET’s college study abroad programs.  They are able to adjust their approach to meet the needs of younger students and provide an academic experience that helps prepare students for their undergraduate years.  Our academic team is well-connected to local resources and can utilize their extensive contacts to enrich student learning and develop content to meet student interests.  Faculty and teachers also serve as informal mentors and advisers as students explore options for further academic pursuit.