Gap Year Programs Abroad

Choose Your Adventure

Looking to make critical language gains in Chinese or Arabic? Seeking a deep dive into Italian culture? Want to feel comfortable presenting in Japanese? Each program provides a different experience—some are language credit heavy, others include volunteering in your host community, and a couple have area studies courses—but each curriculum was crafted with gap student needs in mind. Where you go depends on what you’re looking for. Not sure which program is for you? Talk through the various programs with a CET advisor and find one that suits your interests and goals.

College-level Academics

As a CET Gap student, you’ll take on an academically rigorous curriculum designed for effective language acquisition and progress. Whether you’re brand new to a language or have previous experience, your classes will be small in size and comprehensive in scope. Not only will you leave your program with academic credits, you’ll have the language skills, insight, and study tools for a strong head start in college. And it won’t just be your classwork that challenges you. Your peers will be motivated gap students and college undergraduates majoring in foreign language and international studies. All of that supplemented by in-country immersion, what else could you want in an academic environment?

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Passionate, Dedicated Instructors

From thoughtful lesson plans in an attentive classroom environment, to the language activities designed to get you out the door and practicing, your instructors are dedicated to your language acquisition and progress. Feeling a little behind? Stuck on a tricky grammar pattern? Or maybe you’re looking for suggestions for applied practice after class. You are welcome and encouraged to reach out to your teachers for help, advice, and even learning accommodations. CET faculty might be scattered all over the world, but they all have one thing in common—they’re passionate about sharing their language and culture with you.

College Credit and Transcripts

CET partners with a local university at each program site abroad. CET and the partner institution jointly issue a transcript listing each course taken with the corresponding grade earned and total contact hours. Alternatively, you can elect to have CET’s school of record, the University of Minnesota, issue an official transcript for an additional fee. Credit transfer to other US colleges and universities is at the discretion of each institution. CET works with many colleges across the country–check with the admissions or study abroad office to ask about credit transfer as you are applying or once you have been accepted.  Upon request, CET or University of Minnesota will send an official copy of the transcript to the college you designate.