Continuing to Learn: Language Beyond CET

Can you love language learning so much that you make it your career path? Yes! In this episode, we speak with CET Beijing alumna Liz Carter, who didn’t plan on becoming a translator, but kept learning and immersing in Mandarin so much after CET that translation (and editing and writing) eventually became her path. Liz talks about her first graduate school experience in China and her upcoming PhD program in linguistics, but she also discusses what it takes to become a translator outside of academics. Language learning is a life-long process, and opportunities can arise everywhere—from peers, from the (sometimes odd) jobs you find yourself accepting, or even from a night of karaoke. Liz also explains the importance and cyclical nature of the four stages of competence in language learning… and how important it is to not become complacent when you reach the end of a cycle.

CET002_Liz_Carter_photoLiz Carter was a CET Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing student in Spring and Summer 2006. She is a Chinese translator and the author of Let 100 Voices Speak: How the Internet is Transforming China and Changing Everything, published by I.B. Tauris in 2015. She was formerly an Assistant Editor at Tea Leaf Nation, now a part of the Foreign Policy Group, and a translator for China Digital Times, where she helped co-author their e-book, The Grass-mud Horse Lexicon: Classical Netizen Language. She lived for several years in Beijing, where she authored and translated a number of textbooks for China’s Foreign Languages Press.

NB- Liz referred to research on emergent grammar. Click this link for the full article.

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