CET China: Virtual Intensive Language and Culture

Virtually Intern Abroad

Before the term begins, on-site staff match your language abilities, interests, and academic background with a local organization in either Shanghai or Taipei. If you choose to intern, you work on projects for roughly 10 hours/week and meet regularly with your internship supervisor.

SHANGHAI-Based Placement Examples

Help obscure musicians get discovered and build their fan base. 
Jump in on a COVID-19 project, do finance investor outreach, accounting, sales and marketing, or even assist with HR work.
Help deliver market intelligence to Fortune 1000 senior executives in marketing, sales, strategy, and product management. 
Do work in grassroots development and social innovation with Chinese characteristics.
Join the excitement at this NASDAQ-traded company—a now worldwide high-performance smart e-scooter brand. 
Do research, work on pitches, and find new clients for this supply chain finance solutions firm. 

Taipei-Based Placement Examples

Write articles and manage social media content for The China Post, in publication since 1952.
Flex your digital storytelling skills or be an advisor to U.S.-bound Taiwanese Fulbrighters.
Help disadvantaged young women, girls caught in the sex industry, and survivors of sexual abuse/domestic violence and human trafficking. 
Assist in bringing sustainability to corporations, governments, and research institutes.

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