CET Student Bloggers-Summer 2016

Bill Kelson_resizedName: Bill Kelson, CET Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing

Home University, Year & Major: University of Georgia, PhD student, History

Why I chose CET Beijing: I am a second year PhD student in history at the University of Georgia. I study economic and business history, and I hope to write a book on the nineteenth century China trade and US-China business relations. CET is a perfect fit for me, because the summer program allows me to jump start my language learning in preparation for archival research down the road. The chance to visit Beijing for the first time is also hard to beat!

What I look forwards during my time abroad: Aside from learning the language, I most look forward to eating amazing food in Beijing. I am a bit of a food geek—I cook a lot of authentic Chinese at home—so I cannot wait try all the dumplings, noodles, hot pot, and much else besides that Beijing has to offer!

Danielle_resizedName: Danielle Hafer, CET Siena

Home University, Year & Major: University of Virginia ’17, Biology

Why I chose CET Siena: As a biology major, fitting a third year of Italian into my regular semester was next to impossible. Studying in Siena through CET allows me to complete my major on time, continue my Italian studies, and learn the language and culture first hand– plus it’s hard to beat an art and architecture class taught in Italy!

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad: I’m most excited to experience Palio as I’ve dedicated multiple projects at U.Va to studying the history and context of the race! I’m blessed to have the opportunity to root for my host family’s quartieri and experience Palio as if I were a true native!

Elizabeth_resizedName: Elizabeth Pantaleon, CET Middle East Studies & Internship in Jordan

Home University, Year & Major: University of Florida ’17, International Studies, minor in Arabic

Why I chose CET Jordan: I will be studying and interning in Amman, Jordan, through CET Academic Programs’ Middle East Studies and Internship program during summer 2016. The program is hosted at the University of Jordan in Amman. It has been my dream to study abroad in the Middle East since I made my first ever friend from the region back in 2011. I chose CET and this program specifically because of how intensive and immersive the language aspect of the program is and how hands-on CET is with internship placement. I am grateful that CET has built an environment that will allow be to not only make great strides in my Arabic language skills, but also in professional development.

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad: I am looking forward to improving my Arabic immensely and immersing myself in a different culture. During my eight-week program I will be experiencing Ramadan, which is a month long Islamic holiday. I am excited to experience this very important and culturally rich time for many Jordanians. Although, I will be immersing myself in what seems to be a completely different culture, I am looking forward to uncovering the similarities that exist between Arabic culture and my own Cuban-American upbringing. Additionally, I am looking forward to making new friends, eating delicious food and visiting some of Jordan’s rich heritage sites such as Petra, the Wadi Rum dunes and the Dead Sea.

Haleigh_resizedName: Haleigh Morgus, CET Summer Intensive Chinese Language in Kunming

Home University, Year & Major: Loyola University Maryland ’16, Political Science & Communication; Hopkins-Nanjing Center, MA in International Politics

Why I chose CET Kunming: In the fall of 2014 I spent a semester in Beijing, China. Therefore I knew that when I returned for a language program this summer, I wanted to go to a part of China that would provide me with a new and different experience. Living in Kunming for two months will allow me to experience China away from the big cities.

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad: I am most looking forward to the challenge of immersing myself in studying Chinese and upholding a full-time language pledge. When I studied abroad before, much of my experience was with other American students that did not know a lot of Chinese. When we were together, therefore, we primarily spoke English. I believe the best way to learn a language is to be forced to use it at all times– that way it becomes natural to use it! I am thrilled that CET has such a high commitment to constant use of language. I believe that spending time constantly talking in Chinese with my peers, roommate, and professors will significantly enhance my Chinese language skills.

Name: Jonathan Melberg, CET Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai

Home University, Year & Major: University of Massachusetts-Amherst ’18, Accounting, minor in Chinese

Why I chose CET Shanghai: I chose CET’s Shanghai summer program because I want to make leaps and bounds in my Chinese language skills while gaining valuable work experience interning abroad. I also wanted to have a Chinese roommate who could help ease my transition to living in Shanghai and teach me cultural nuances that may not be taught in the classroom.

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad: I am most looking forward to meeting other CET students who are passionate about learning Chinese and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

Leah_resizedName: Leah Phan, CET Public Health & Service-Learning in Ho Chi Minh City

Home University, Year & Major: University of Florida ’19, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

Why I chose CET Vietnam: I initially selected CET Public Health and Service Learning in Ho Chi Minh City after learning it offered an internship in addition to summer courses. However, after researching more about the program I found the public health course offered by the program discusses a few health implications on Vietnam created by the Vietnam War; this war took a toll on my family and I want to see if there was a correlation between it and some of health problems that my family has developed, both physically and psychologically.

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad: Last year I visited Vietnam and volunteered at a few orphanages with my grandmother, so I look forward to being able to visit the orphanages again to see how much the children have grown within the last year.

Margaret_resizedName: Margaret Harris, CET Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Studies in Osaka

Home University, Year & Major: University of Southern California ’17, East Asian Area Studies

Why I chose CET Japan: I have been studying abroad in Japan since January, but feel like my Japanese language ability and cultural understanding could still use some work. A new city, new experiences, new roommate and friends–it’s going to be one crazy ride, but I’m ready.

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad:  Making new friends, learning new things… Oh, and Universal Studios Japan, of course. The Cool Japan Attractions look awesome.

Rachel_resizedName: Rachel Peters, CET Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Studies in Osaka

Home University, Year & Major: Salem State University ’17, English

Why I chose CET Japan: I chose CET’s Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Studies Program in Osaka for the totally immersive experience and opportunity to explore new places with local students!

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad: I’m looking forward to challenging myself and making new friends. Also, the food!

Sam_resizedName: Sam SrokTulane Summer in São Paulo, Brazil

Home University, Year & Major: University of Wisconsin-Madison ’17, Applied Economics and Latin American Carribean & Iberian Studies

What you’re most looking forward to during your time abroad: While I’m abroad I’m most looking forward to the new connections I will make with those I meet, and building my cross-cultural communication skills.