CET Prague Traveling Seminar: What to “Czech”xpect

Written by Allison Gerstley, (Tulane University) Student Correspondent CET Prague, Fall 2016

Traveling seminar has been an unparalleled experience. I can certainly say I never imagined I’d be writing this blog post on a bus ride back to Prague while gutenberg-girls-friends-julia-sullivan-leah-zinker-and-sarah-kolenbrander-find-the-statue-of-johannes-gutenberg_allison-gerstleystaring at the Bavarian Alps in the distance, but here I am. Here are some tips on what to expect from the traveling seminar extravaganza: twenty-three students, eight days, one unforgettable trip.

-Be prepared for jam-packed schedules every day. When you’re not busy with CET lectures or tours, you will want to be out exploring. But don’t worry, you can always sleep on the bus!

-You will be spending eight days of travel with the same people you have class with regularly. As we split into Central European Studies and Jewish Studies activities, you’ll be seeing those people in your group even more. They’re also a great support system along the way, particularly during more emotionally difficult days, namely our visit to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps.auschwitz-gate-with-inscription-in-english-work-will-set-you-free_allison-gerstley

-You’ll be living the ~suite life~ in quality hotels that offer complimentary breakfasts. It is worth noting that the hotel breakfast in Brno is the best. CET also provides group meals sporadically, and you do not have to stress about travel plans since CET arranges them all for you.

-You will constantly be on the move for eight days living a pseudo-nomadic lifestyle, so you may want to consider packing lightly. Perhaps you will want to rethink packing hundreds of layers since you’re from southern California and afraid of cold weather.

-You’ll find many pleasant surprises among the cities you visit. Krakow, Mikulov, and Vienna were never on my list of places to travel, and yet they ended up being favorites out of anywhere I have traveled thus far.the-wonderful-city-of-krakow-by-day_allison-gerstley

-Traveling seminar will easily become your favorite part of CET. You will embark on many a walking tour and learn so much by being in the places where history was made. You will experience sensory overload, going from the Auschwitz concentration camps in Poland one day to the grandiose Belvedere palace in Austria only a couple days later. You will eat amazing delicacies, like all the pierogis and Wiener schnitzel. You will appreciate your classmates and the knowledge you have gained from your classes, and you’ll appreciate CET for making this incredible opportunity happen. Most importantly, you’ll appreciate yourself for choosing an epic study abroad program.