Can I attend more than one term…or more than one program?

Of course! The more time you spend overseas, the more you get out of it. So we encourage students to consider studying abroad for more than one term. This option is available for all of our programs and locations, and we provide a discount on the tuition for any additional term(s).

Some of our programs are particularly set up for multi-term study:

  • Middlebury in China programs in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Kunming all have academic year options.
  • UW in India: Varanasi has an academic year option.
  • January Term in Beijing can be easily linked with a spring semester in any other China program. Many students choose to do a combination of Janterm + Beijing (either our intensive language program or our internship program), Janterm + Harbin, or Janterm + Shanghai. If you’re interested in this option, you’ll open an application for the Janterm + spring combination at the program where you’ll study in the spring.
  • Japan fall and spring semesters can be combined for an academic year. The fall semester focuses on campus life while the spring semester allows you to be more independent and connect with the Osaka community outside of campus. In both terms, you get the same intensive Japanese language instruction.
  • Jordan programs are also easily linked together for an academic year option. You might spend the fall semester at the intensive language program in Amman, and then switch to the internship program in Amman for the spring…or vice versa.

If you know that you are interested in attending multiple terms or multiple programs, please indicate that on your application. But you don’t have to make the decision now! Once you’re overseas, if you decide that you’d like to continue for an additional term, just speak with the overseas staff. You simply need to adhere to all regular deadlines for new students.