Staying Connected After Abroad: CET Campus Ambassador (CETCA) Program

Want to gain professional skills while showcasing your stories from abroad? Become a CET Campus Ambassador and continue to promote study abroad from home!

What is the Role of a CET Campus Ambassador?

The CET Campus Ambassador (CETCA) program is a professional development and leadership program designed to allow exceptional CET alumni the opportunity to promote study abroad at their home institution. As a CETCA, a student’s primary goal is to provide a professional and honest resource to the home institution while encouraging all study abroad.

What is the Commitment Like?

CETCAs will:

  • Submit a review of their CET program on
  • Complete 3 “Missions” per term, 2 per quarter.
      • Missions include: Interning or peer advising at their university’s study abroad office, speaking about CET and study abroad at meetings or events, writing or making videos about their experience, & assisting with study abroad event planning.


  • Connect with campus study abroad office to determine how they can be helpful.
  • Work with a member of the CET campus relations team to develop a plan of action for the school year to encourage interested students on campus.
  • Potentially make a presentation to a class, write an article for the school newspaper, or answer questions at the campus study abroad office.
  • Become familiar with all CET Programs- training lasts approximately 20 minutes and covers all the essentials.

Why Should I Apply?

  • Opportunity to share experiences from abroad with other interested students in multiple creative outlets (classroom presentations, blogs, video, photos, social media, etc.).
  • Networking opportunities and résumé builder.
  • Letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the program.
  • A chance at winning a round-trip plane ticket back to country in which student studied abroad (CET will reimburse five outstanding Campus Ambassadors up to $1,000 each for a round-trip plane ticket back to their CET host country).

Am I Eligible?

If you are currently enrolled in a U.S institution and actively participated in a CET program in the past academic year, yes! Nominees are chosen based on a positive recommendation from their Resident Director, among other considerations (i.e. possible interview with CRM & résumé review).

How Do I Apply?

CET alumni from spring and summer terms will receive an email invitation to apply for CETCA program in mid-July with an application deadline of August 15th, and fall students will be invited at the beginning of December with an application deadline of January 15th.

Looking for Current CETCAs? Find them them here: