Why Study Abroad?

Answering the question, “why study abroad?” is like answering the question, “why exercise?” The reasons are too many to count! The most important thing is to figure out which reason—be it curriculum, career, credits, or curiosity—is most important to you.

Maybe you’re learning a second language and ready to kick it into overdrive with immersion and a language pledge. Maybe you’re thinking about your career and have heard that employers value the adaptability and independence that study abroad fosters. Maybe you want your college, graduate school, or job application to jump off the page. Maybe you need to pick up college or pre-college credits and a study abroad program offers exactly what you need.

Whatever your reason, CET has the study abroad option you need. Learn Arabic in Jordan. Study social justice in Brazil. Conduct an internship in Shanghai. Produce a film in Prague. Spend a summer soaking up beautiful Florence. Whether you’re a college junior thinking about entry into the global workforce, a high school sophomore thinking about college admissions, or simply a student thinking about academic discovery, intellectual curiosity, and transformative growth, think about studying abroad with CET. Take the first step to changing your path, your world view, and your life.