National Advisory Council

Partners, Colleagues, Leaders

Great ideas need a sounding board, and CET’s National Advisory Council (NAC) brings together some of our closest colleagues and respected leaders within the field of study abroad to be just that. We established the NAC in 2017 to formalize the advisory relationships that have long provided us with big picture insight, strategic direction, and invaluable input on new initiatives. The NAC meets annually with CET leadership for a robust discussion with thoughtful—often quite different—perspectives on a complex and ever-changing field.

Roles and Responsibilities

Council members serve in non-governing, advisory roles with rotating terms of three years. The NAC strives to:

  • Offer CET leadership guidance on strategic priorities
  • Help us engage with trends and issues in the field
  • Contribute to program and organizational assessment efforts
  • Provide input as needed throughout the year on target questions

Council Members

Rebecca Bergren

Gettysburg College

Director, Center for Global Education

Sara Dumont, DPhil

American University

Executive Director, AU Abroad

Daniel Gold

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Director of International Academic Programs

Kristen Grace, Ph.D.

Cornell University

Associate Director, Cornell Abroad

Stacey Hansen

University of Virginia

Senior Education Abroad Advisor & Operations Coordinator, Education Abroad

Martha Johnson, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota

Assistant Dean of Learning Abroad

Mike Jordan

University of Michigan

Director, Center for Global and Intercultural Study

Jason Kinnear, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Interim Associate Dean of Study Abroad

Kelly McLaughlin

Yale University

Director, Study Abroad; Deputy Director of the Center for International and Professional Experience; Assistant Dean for Assessment

Tonija Navas

Howard University

Director, Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center

Arik Ohnstad

Vanderbilt University

Associate Director, Global Education Office

J. Scott Van Der Meid

Brandeis University

Associate Dean of Study Abroad

Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Ph.D.

Kalamazoo College

Executive Director, Center for International Programs

Spotlight on Resilience

At our inaugural meeting in 2017, NAC members identified a need to tackle the issue of student resilience, and how study abroad can be uniquely suited to fostering it. Three institutions from the NAC—Yale University, Kalamazoo College, and University of Minnesota, coordinated by our Director of Academic Affairs—are coming together to pursue research related to student resilience. This research will be turned into conference presentations and publications that we hope will drive and inform the field’s engagement with this important topic.