9 ways to fill your free time abroad without breaking the bank

Written by Daniel Kushner, (Washington University in St. Louis) Student Correspondent CET Prague, Spring 2019

The most surprising thing that I have found about studying abroad in Prague this semester was actually not how busy I was with travel, fun, and class; but rather how much free time I suddenly had in the absence of the intense coursework of my home university. It’s truly an odd feeling to look at the clock on a Tuesday afternoon and be ‘done’ with the day at 4 or 5 PM. Now, many abroad folk do choose to spend those waning weekday hours indulging in less-than-productive activities (myself included), but I still find myself occasionally looking for sober weekday activities. Below are a number of cost-effective, yet still incredibly rewarding and entertaining activities that can be found in and around almost every abroad city. Here are 9 ways to fill your newfound abroad free time without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy a Board Game

OK, so you’re going to have to spend a little money. But the cost of buying a single board game that you, your roommates, and your friends will all genuinely enjoy many times over the course of the semester literally pays for itself. Think about it, the most expensive board game will run you up $50 (max!). If you split that, call it, 4 ways, and play 10 times over the course of a semester – you end up paying around $1.25 per game. That’s pretty cheap for a solid hour+ of fun on any given night.

  1. Eat Cheap and Horrible Food

What’s more fun than going on a food exploration adventure for low cost with the added adventure of not knowing whether or not it’s going to kill you!

  1. Get Lost

The best way to see the city is to really just walk around. Take a tram or the metro to a new neighborhood, put in some Airpods and meander. How else are you going to find that one thing you’ve been really looking for in your new city?

  1. Study


This is the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord – a neat monument I found while exploring Prague 3.


  1. Hike

The cool thing about your new abroad city is that regardless of where you are, nature is still (mostly) free. Google your city’s best nearby hiking trails, national parks, etc. and go have a great afternoon.

  1. Facetime your forlorn family members

We all know that your mother and father are bursting at the seams to see your beautiful face, so why not bless them with your virtual presence every once in a while.

  1. Hit Up your Random High School Acquaintance That is also Studying in the Same City

Everybody has at least one random high school friend nearby. Go get lunch with them!

  1. Go Thrifting

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so why not thumb through a pile of discarded sweaters and learn something new about the locals your city!

  1. Facetime all of your home friends until you finally find the one that’s crazy enough to still be awake at this absurd hour

It’s an incredibly effective way at somewhat randomizing which friends you stay in closest contact with.

Now that I have blessed you all with my knowledge, go out, have fun and explore!