Photo Essay: CET Kunming

Photos by Tiana Neuerburg (University of Washington) Student Correspondent CET Kunming, Summer 2017

Pictured is Ji Ye’s studio with a few of his pieces on display for the art exhibition. Ji Ye is a modern artist located in Dali.


An image of the small market hosted by the local people of a small town located in Xishan Mountain (小石林农家乐). The majority of products sold were produce.


Pictured is one of the pagodas at Longmen or the “Dragon Gate” (龙门) located near the top of Xishan mountain.


A pedestrian bridge allowing people to safely cross over a main road “Yi Er Yi Da Jie” (一二一大街). A common sight in large cities are large bridges for pedestrians to walk over main streets safely (called 过街天桥).


Kunming is well known for it’s rice-based cuisine. This particular dish is known as “Mi Xian” (米线), which consists of rice noodles, meat, and spice.


A view of the river at Cui Hu (翠湖), which is one of Kunming’s most famous (and most beautiful) tourist destinations.


A picture of a classic characteristic of a traditional Chinese garden located in Cui Hu. Traditionally, Chinese gardens were well-planned out and display many man-made structures, as it was a symbol of civility.


A picture of a smaller street near our dorm buildings. It’s fairly peaceful with a variety of restaurants and stores.


A view of Kunming from Longmen on Xishan mountain.