10 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Study Abroad Experience

Written by Alison Rivera, (Student Correspondent) Syracuse University
CET Brazilian Studies & Portuguese Language in São Paulo, Spring 2015

1. Dance to any song at any moment.
Who cares if anyone is watching or if you are not the best dancer.


2. Be willing to try different kinds of food.
So maybe the fruit is star shaped, which is a bit odd, but it doesn’t hurt to try it.



3. Take walks in different neighborhoods.
You never know you may come across a street filled with amazing graffiti.


4. Embrace the culture and take it how it is.
Place yourself in a completely new environment.


5. Become a fan of group selfies.
Take them as a time to bond and grow closer with the people you are living with.


6. Live like the locals do.
Go to the park one Sunday afternoon.


7. Get to know your host country’s favorite sport.
Dress up as a soccer player and educate yourself on the Brazilian soccer culture. It will teach you why Brazilians are passionate about it.


8. Enjoy the local art.
In Sao Paulo, this comes in graffiti form… even the sidewalks are pretty.


9. Appreciate the view.
Take a photo of the landscape and scenery, because you won’t want to forget about it when you return home.

IMG_6306 (2)

10. Always find new things to add to this list.
I’ll tell you more once I figure it out…