Weekend Trip to 北戴河 (Beidaihe)

Photos by Hallie Carmen, (Connecticut College) Student Correspondent CET Harbin, Spring 2017

Fresh off of the sleeper train from Harbin to Beidaihe, we got an early start to our first day. CET student Rachel Glasser and CET roommates Si Yao and Luan Hui, enjoy the weather.


After a traditional breakfast full of congee and Baozi (i’m convinced I ate 5 or 6 of them), we spent our free time, before we had to get back on the bus, walking around and taking in the sites.



One of the many things we looked forward to going on this trip was going to the beach. Our next stop after breakfast was Lao Long Tou 老龙头 or literally “Old Dragon Head”, where the Great Wall meets the sea. Although the original Great Wall at Lao Long Tou is only semi intact and most of the wall is fairly new, it was still a beautiful sight.


While there we relaxed, took in the sights and some of us even built moats and sand castles. Featuring CET Students Saraly Guerrero and Connor Trapp.


CET Students having some fun on a ride at 鸽子窝 Ge Zi Wo, or “Pigeons Nest”.


CET Student Solveig Olson-Strom enjoying one of the various amusement rides.


A view of the beach from a top a small mountain at Ge Zi Wo. Before we left Harbin for Beidaihe, we were informed that the weather forecast for most of the trip would include rain. However as soon as we arrived at Beidaihe we were greeted with lots of sun and no rain whatsoever.


Bonding through smores, karaoke, and did I mention smores?
One of my favorite parts of the trip to Beidaihe was when CET students and roommates ate smores on the beach at night. Though they weren’t exactly your conventional smores, they were equally as good and it was a lovely bonding experience.


A elderly woman spotted riding her bike early in the morning in an old section of town.