Sexual assault resource

You don’t have to go through sexual assault alone. If you’re a sexual assault survivor overseas, you can get help through SASHAA, Sexual Assault Support and Help for Americans Abroad. SASHAA is an independent organization that can provide support, information, resources, or just an ear. SASHAA offers a confidential 24/7 toll-free international crisis line.

Here are some ways that you can use SASHAA to help you prepare for your study abroad program:

  • Save the web address for the confidential 24/7 toll-free crisis line ( so you’ll have it handy.
  • Learn more about how you can prevent sexual violence.
  • Plan to stay safe by checking out scenarios and advice in the Studying Abroad Guide.
  • Get information specific to your study abroad destination by emailing [email protected]. Note that SASHAA serves students of all genders, including gender non-conforming students.

CET is not affiliated with SASHAA, though we do want our students to be aware of this resource.