CET Vietnam: Development, Public Health, Environment

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Nanami Kono

CET Vietnam: Development, Public Health, Environment, Spring 2016
Smith College
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“The memories and people I met through CET Vietnam are irreplaceable to me and they have helped me understand that I do want to have a career in public health in the future. I genuinely hope to return to Saigon so I can reunite with my roommate and to see other places in Vietnam that I did not get to explore while I was there.”

Minh Thi Nguyen

CET Vietnam: Public Health & Service-Learning in Ho Chi Minh City, Summer 2016
University of Kansas
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“Studying abroad in Vietnam for two and a half months was an inspirational experience for me. Being away from my family and friends, I had to step up to the game and learn to become independent and responsible. This trip opened my eyes and expanded my horizon. I got the chance to be a part of a different culture, to learn new customs, and to experience life from the perspective of a third world country.”