CET Vietnam: Development Studies

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Samantha Bergman

CET Vietnam: Development Studies, Fall 2016
Smith College
[email protected]

“CET Vietnam is a great program if you want to gain hands-on experience and totally immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture. The two best aspects of the program are the local roommates and the excursions. The local roommates and CET staff are such wonderful people and they really care about the students. If you are looking for an adventurous, rewarding experience, CET Vietnam is the perfect program for you!”

Dylan Williams

CET Vietnam: Development Studies, Spring 2016
George Washington University
[email protected]

“Vietnam is an absolutely beautiful country and CET helped me see all of that. The program staff took us on several trips throughout the country where we got to learn more history and about how the Vietnam War has shaped the country. The food is phenomenal and reasonably priced and the guest house accommodations CET provides are close to SO much. I absolutely loved my time in Vietnam and know that you will too should you choose to go with CET.”

Thu Dam

CET Vietnam: Development Studies, Summer 2017
Brown University
[email protected]

“Being Vietnamese-American in this program meant that my identity landed me right in the middle of two very different cultures. I was initially worried that I would not fit into either group, but I quickly came to realize I didn’t have to fit into a category. I had incredible support and constantly had the CET staff, my roommate, or my program-mates to discuss with. I learned more about myself with every interaction I had (even if it was just my uber driver!!), and being able to interface with the Vietnamese public was a special opportunity.”