Tulane Summer in São Paulo, Brazil

Intensive Portuguese

You’ll have no problem improving your Portuguese in this program. Language classes are intensive and fast-paced. You’ll get plenty of practice outside of class, too—learning your roommate’s life story, chatting with local staff at an art center, shopping at a street market, or going to a play…without subtitles.

Summer in São Paulo

It’s no accident that we chose São Paulo, and not Rio de Janeiro, for this program. São Paulo has excellent resources, better transportation, and it’s more affordable. As one student commented on a final evaluation: “Things are hard to enjoy in Rio because of the tourists. São Paulo has more cultural events, more museums, better food, and tons of hidden treasures.”
CET students and local roommates in Sao Paulo

Local Friends, Local Family

Your roommate can take you to a weekend festival. Your host brother can show you the best biking trails. Your host mom will be happy to tell you where to get the tastiest pastel (pastry turnover) or exotic fruits. Living with a family or a local roommate gives you instant insider’s access to the city. More importantly, it gives you people to share the city with.

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Summer 06/09/2018 07/21/2018 6 Weeks 7 2 Semesters of Portuguese March 1
Spring/Fall Learn More About the Semester Program

Tulane and CET

CET partners with Tulane University to operate this program. You get the best of both worlds—Tulane’s status as one of the top institutions for Latin American Studies within the United States + CET’s three decades of experience in study abroad. The best part: you don’t have to be a Tulane student to attend. Students from all schools are welcome to apply.

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Daily Life in São Paulo

Find the street with the best graffiti. Get the official jersey for your favorite futebol team. Learn to make feijoada (black bean and meat stew). Stroll down tree-lined streets near the university. You’ll love São Paulo. Period.

Pontifical Catholic University

The program is hosted by Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, which was ranked as the 9th best university in Brazil in 2016. PUC’s campus is small and friendly, as is Perdizes, the neighborhood where it’s located. You’ll find everything you need close by, from Pilates studios to grocery stores.

Housing & Meals

You’ll live with a host family, or share an apartment with a local roommate. Both options have you living a short walk from campus. Homestays provide one meal a day. For other meals, cook for yourself or take your pick of São Paulo’s many inexpensive eateries.

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Study Language + Social Issues

You’ll take intermediate or advanced Portuguese language. Classes are intensive and get you out the door. Visit the Municipal Market with your teacher. Learn the vocabulary you need to enjoy the Festa Junina (celebration of Brazilian folk culture). Master the art of ordering at a restaurant in your lesson on Brazilian cuisine.

You’ll also take a core course on current Brazilian social issues. The course is taught in Portuguese.