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CET Jordan: Intensive Language

Get Closer to Fluency

Take a full load of intensive Arabic. Practice your Arabic in real life settings. Complete one year of material in a semester.
  • Intensive Modern Standard Arabic
  • Intensive Jordanian Dialect
  • Content-based language classes 
  • Full-time language pledge 
  • Out-of-classroom assignments
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

Arabic From All Angles

In this intensive language program, your classes extend well beyond Intensive MSA. You’ll also take Intensive Jordanian Dialect, the language spoken in the markets and among friends. You’ll select two content-based electives—language classes, taught in Arabic, that focus on the history, politics, and culture of the Arab World. And, if you’re at an advanced level, you might even attend a few lectures on the host campus…a rare chance to experience university learning as a local student would.

Oral Proficiency Interview

You’ll cover at least one year of college-level Arabic in a semester. Don’t believe it? At the end of the term, you’ll take an official Oral Proficiency Interview. Most students jump an astounding three sub-levels. OPI scores are written proof of what you’ve accomplished…perfect for putting on a résumé or grad school application.

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Learn to Speak Diplomatically

Discussing corruption in class is one thing. Interviewing Jordanian students about their views on the topic without insulting Jordanian culture is another. You’ll learn to use your Arabic to challenge preconceptions and consider local perspectives on issues shaping the region—from the environment to women’s rights in the military—and to do so diplomatically. You’ll develop the language and cultural skills that set you apart when you apply for jobs or graduate school.

Arabic in Action

Your courses will get you out the door, practicing Arabic where it counts. Read about the Dead Sea before you visit, and present about its history and when you return. Bargain at the Friday flea market. Take a hike with your roommate, and describe what you saw (and ate!) to your language partner, whom you’ll meet three times per week. Almost every roommate takes a CET student home to meet their family—what better place to put your language skills to the test?

Full-Time Language Pledge

All students uphold a full-time Arabic language pledge. There’s no denying that speaking Arabic 24/7 is hard. But we think it’s absolutely worth the effort. (And past students agree with us.) Just wait until the first time you wake up in the morning and realize that you dreamed in Arabic….
Student Voice
Interested in what living with a language pledge is really like? Read Mimi Yu’s blog post, “Living the Language Pledge.”

Curriculum & Syllabi

Modern Standard Arabic

You are placed into one of these courses:

AR200 Intensive Advanced Beginning MSA
6 credits

AR300 Intensive Intermediate MSA
6 credits

AR400 Intensive Intermediate High MSA
6 credits

AR500 Intensive Advanced MSA
6 credits

AR600 Intensive Advanced High MSA
6 credits

These classes are front-loaded. They meet more in the beginning of the term, and taper off after that.

Jordanian Dialect

You are placed into one of these courses:

AR250 Intensive Beginning Jordanian Dialect
4 credits

AR350 Intensive Advanced Beginning Jordanian Dialect
4 credits

AR450 Intensive Intermediate Jordanian Dialect
4 credits

These classes are front-loaded. They meet more in the beginning of the term, and taper off after that.

Advisory Board

CET maintains an advisory board of US-based scholars that provides guidance and expertise, and helps shape program development.

Nesreen Akhtarkhavari

DePaul University

Director of Arabic Studies
Assistant Professor of Arabic

Mahmoud Al-Batal

University of Texas at Austin

Associate Professor of Arabic
Director of Arabic Flagship Program

Kristen Brustad

University of Texas at Austin

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Middle East Studies

Kristin Smith Diwan

Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

Senior Resident Scholar

John Eisele

College of William & Mary

Associate Professor of Arabic Studies

Joseph Essex

US Department of State

Foreign Affairs Officer for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs

Nashwa Taher

George Washington University

Arabic Language Specialist

Max Weiss

Princeton University

Assistant Professor of History and
Near Eastern Studies

Course Availability

Our goal is to offer every single course every term, but sometimes factors like faculty availability and program enrollment keep us from reaching that goal. If you’re concerned about needing to enroll in any one particular course, please contact us! We’ll try our best to get you the course you need.