Study Abroad in Japan: AICAD in Japan

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Osaka, Japan: Is this study abroad program for you? This program is for students from schools within the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD). Students enroll in specialized studio art courses alongside Japanese students. The program helps students in this endeavor by providing a gateway to the local environment—Japanese language courses, Japanese studies courses, Japanese roommates. These layers of support give students the tools they need to enhance their creativity and enrich the art they produce. Students of all Japanese language levels and AICAD schools are welcome.

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan: Features

  • Studio art courses taught in Japanese: anime, wood block printing, textiles, glassblowing
  • Electives taught in English: business, performing arts, religion, history, culture
  • Intensive Japanese language curriculum that completes the entire textbook in a semester—typically 1 year of university-level language
  • Two host institutions:
    • Osaka University of the Arts (OUA) for studio arts courses
    • Osaka Gakuin University (OGU) for language and area studies courses
  • Local roommates
  • No language prerequisite

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan: Details

Semester Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Fall 2014
Application Deadline 05/01/13 10/01/13 05/01/14
Program Length 16 weeks 28 weeks 16 weeks
Arrival Date 09/02/13 01/16/14 08/27/14
Departure Date 12/21/13 07/30/14 12/20/14
Program Fee $20,050 $23,350 $20,050
Recommended Credits 14 to 19 14 to 19 14 to 19