CET Siena

What is the Traveling Seminar?

The Traveling Seminar is a mid-semester, four-day trip to the Italian island of Sicily, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a part of of your core course, Intercultural Communication: Italy in Sienese and Sicilian Contexts. The journey allows you to witness up close many of the theories and case studies you’ve been discussing in class—Sicilian history and traditions, stereotypes about Sicily, and the island’s cultural and religious diversity.

You’ll have readings that prepare you for the Traveling Seminar, but much of the learning comes from the seeing and the doing. You’ll meet with local organizations in the city of Catania, speak with Sicilian youth, explore museums, tour sites, see performance arts. This is learning at its best.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Catania. Overview class on the city. City tour: Piazza Duomo, the Cathedral, the Roman Theater, Castello Ursino.

Day 2: Lecture: Contemporary Sicily. View the Museum of the Landing in Sicily: 1943. Discussion about Sicily during WWII.

Day 3: Visit Libera Terra or Addio Pizzo (anti-mafia organizations). See mafia-confiscated properties. Speak to youth volunteers. Lecture & film on organized crime.

Day 4: Visit Museo dei Pupi Siciliani. Attend workshop of famous puppeteer family. Return to Italian mainland.