Study Abroad in Italy: CET Florence


Florence, Italy: Is this study abroad program for you? CET Florence is a program for students who are serious about academics, but want flexibility in their studies. It is for students who want to live in a gorgeous city, but leave that city on the weekends to explore Europe. It is for students who want the excitement of study abroad, but the ease of an international hub. It is for students who want the support of a structured program, but the freedom of independent living. CET and Vanderbilt University jointly operate this program. It is open to serious students from all schools, and language learners from the beginning- to high-intermediate levels. 

Study Abroad in Florence, Italy: Features

  • Electives in many fields—from business to psychology, history to studio art
  • Group trip to Rome and Venice, with ample free time to explore
  • No classes on Fridays to allow for weekend travel
  • Charming, centrally located apartments in the historic downtown
  • Customizable to individual student needs: live with an Italian family, volunteer at a local organization, meet with an Italian language partner
  • Italian language classes—beginner to high-intermediate levels
  • No language prerequisite

Study Abroad in Florence, Italy: Details

Semester Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015 Fall 2015
Application Deadline 05/01/14 10/15/14 03/01/15 05/01/15
Program Length 15 weeks 15 weeks 7 weeks 15 weeks
Arrival Date 08/27/14 01/21/15 06/07/15 08/26/15
Program Break Oct 20-24 Mar 16-20 NA Oct 19-23
Departure Date 12/14/14 05/09/15 07/25/15 12/12/15
Program Fee $20,990 $20,990 $9,990 $20,990
Recommended Credits 14 12 or 15 6 12 or 15