Study Abroad in Italy: Intensive Italian Language & Culture Studies in Sicily


Catania, Sicily: Is this study abroad program for you? On the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily, away from the bustle of mainland tourist activity, students spend their summer immersed in Italian—they take intensive Italian language classes and practice their skills with Italian language partners and local roommates. A core course explores the history of the region and takes students on a traveling seminar to Tunisia in North Africa. This program welcomes dedicated Italian language learners of all levels.

Study Abroad in Sicily: Features

  • Gorgeous Mediterranean island with balmy weather and exquisite cuisine
  • Intensive Italian language classes
  • Traveling seminar to Tunisia, on the North African side of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Local roommates and language partners, for extra language practice
  • No language prerequisite
  • Open in summer term only

Study Abroad in Sicily: Details

Semester Summer 2015
Application Deadline 03/01/15
Program Length 8 weeks
Arrival Date 05/31/15
Departure Date 07/25/15
Program Fee $8,990
Recommended Credits 9