CET Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Photograph the stunning Charles Bridge at sunrise. Stroll down cobblestone streets. Gaze up at elegant spires. Take the tram to an open-air market. Stop at a street vendor for an apple strudel on your way to Prague Castle. Travel to the Bohemian countryside with your roommate. Or hop on a train to Berlin for a weekend getaway.

There’s so much to love about Prague—its beauty, its history, its architecture, its accessibility, its people. What will you write home about?

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Local Roommates, Local Friends

Want to know where the best Christmas market is? Looking for advice on visiting the Koněpruská caves? Trying to find traditional Czech puppets to bring home? Your Czech buddies—local peers who may live with you and who accompany you on activities and excursions—are your keys to the city. They can help you with everything from navigating the tram, to buying groceries, to understanding the Czech political issues of the day.

The Downtown CET Center

You’ll attend your classes at the CET Center. The CET Center sits in the heart of Prague, a short walk from famous Wenceslas Square. The neighborhood is filled with restaurants, cafés, museums, movie theaters, and stores.

The Center serves as the program hub. Use the wifi. Study in the small library. Chat with staff. Or just hang out on the couches with CET peers.

Housing, Transportation, Meals

You’ll share a spacious apartment with CET peers. Sometimes, you’ll even have a Czech roommate. Apartments are fully furnished, centrally located, and wifi equipped. Perfect for hanging out with new Czech friends.

Buses, metros, and trams in Prague are clean, frequent, and timely. And we provide you a transportation pass so you can explore the city and never have to worry about cost.

For meals, take your pick of local restaurants and eateries, or cook for yourself in your apartment kitchen.