CET Prague

Intern in Prague

If you choose an internship as one of your electives, we’ll use our extensive network to find you a placement—that magic combination of your skills and interests matching the company’s needs. While the actual projects on your desk will be determined by your host, you’ll learn skills that are applicable in any field, like financial planning and project management. But working in Prague means delving into the local context, too—who are the key players in the green energy space? How do national policies affect the private sector? How do your Czech colleagues interact with you and with each other? Intern in Prague and start building up your résumé…and your memories.
View overlooking Prague town square

When You Intern in Prague, You Will...

Learn about the European Union

The Czech Republic is a relatively new member of the European Union, and has a stable economy to boot. Interning in Prague means being able to observe firsthand why companies choose to invest here.

Watch a Country's Transition to the Euro

The Czech Republic is gradually moving towards adopting the euro. This is an exciting time to watch an exciting transition.

Intern in English

Many multinational corporations in Prague function in English. This means that you’ll be able to offer the company more skills, and add more projects to your résumé.

Work at Headquarters

Many companies choose to put their base operations in Prague so that attention can be turned towards not only Eastern Europe, but Western Europe and Russia. By interning at headquarters, you, too, will have access to this wide perspective.

Build More than Just Your Résumé

Anyone can mention “flexibility” on a résumé. But you’ll be able to tell an employer exactly what flexibility means and how you gained it—adapting to the expectations of your boss, finishing a project with a Czech colleague, adjusting your work style to fit the local office.

Do Meaningful Work

The internships we find are based on the real needs of the host companies—they determine your projects and daily tasks, not us. This means that whatever your daily work entails, you can rest assured that it will make a contribution.