Study Abroad in China: Summer Intensive Chinese Language in Kunming


Kunming, China: Is this study abroad program for you? CET Kunming students dedicate their summer to vastly improving their Chinese language skills. Students take a full load of intensive Chinese language classes. Outside of class, the language learning continues—students share their dorm room with a Chinese roommate, eat lunches with their teachers, and speak only Chinese with their peers. The program welcomes low-intermediate to high-advanced Chinese language learners.

Study Abroad in Kunming, China: Features

  • Intensive Chinese language classes that cover one year of material in 8 weeks
  • Full-time Chinese language pledge
  • Chinese roommates
  • Based in the charming city of Kunming, a city with blue skies, green scenery and a gentle climate, nestled in the mountains of southwestern China
  • Open to students with at least 2 semesters of previous Chinese language study

”I have been at CET Kunming for a little over a month and my Chinese has improved dramatically. We learn a new lesson every day and the intensity is mind-boggling! The teachers here are amazing, because they are very patient with you and yet at the same time push you harder and harder… I am also very grateful for the tutoring CET provides every weekday night. It is wonderful because there are always at least three teachers there to help you with any questions you might have.” – Mark Greene, Trinity University, Kunming Summer 2013

Study Abroad in Kunming, China: Details

Semester Summer 2015
Application Deadline 03/01/15
Program Length 9 weeks
Arrival Date 06/10/15
Program Break NA
Departure Date 08/10/15
Program Fee $7,190
Recommended Credits 8