Middlebury C.V. Starr School in China: Hangzhou

2009 fall- street scene brochure

Hangzhou, China: Is this study abroad program for you? CET and Middlebury College join forces to operate the Middlebury C.V. Starr School in China. These programs in Beijing, Hangzhou and Kunming are for seasoned Chinese language learners who are striving for near-native fluency. Coursework is entirely in Chinese. Students live with Chinese roommates. They adhere to the legendary Middlebury Language Pledge. Some extend their time in China by tacking the Beijing January Term onto a fall or spring semester.

Study Abroad in Hangzhou, China: Features

The Middlebury in China-Hangzhou program, the School in China flagship site, offers a broad-based curriculum in the humanities.

  • Focus on history and religious studies
  • One-on-one tutorial on a topic of choice
  • Chinese roommates
  • Full-time Language Pledge
  • Direct-enroll courses or internships for qualified students in their second semester
  • Open to students with at least 4 semesters (5 preferred) of previous Chinese language study

Visit the Middlebury College website for program and application information.