CET Beijing: Internship

Beijing, China

Don’t miss Beijing. This city is where the action is and where networks thrive. Gaze up at a high-rise that seemed to be built overnight. See what local artists are up to at the 798 Art District. Follow a local rock band. Interview with a journalist. Stroll past one of China’s most famous universities and strike up a conversation with someone you meet at the front gate. The best part of getting to know Beijing is that unlike other Chinese cities, the Chinese and expat communities are intertwined—you’ll be practicing the language and interacting with the culture whatever you do and wherever you go.

Don’t know where to start getting to know this incredible city? We’ve been in Beijing for over 30 years. Our longstanding connections introduce you to key players and get you in the door at key organizations. It won’t be long before you start developing your own guanxi (network) in China.

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Local Roommates

Want to learn where to get the best Peking duck? What buses to avoid at rush hour? How to get the best bargains? Sharing a room with a local roommate gives you instant insider’s access to the city. More importantly, it gives you someone to share the city with.

Capital Normal University

The program is based at Capital Normal University. CNU is a top tier university in China, with 28,000 students and a longstanding relationship with CET—it hosted the first CET program back in 1982.

The CNU campus is large, modern and filled with resources: a gymnasium, sports fields, libraries, student centers. CET classrooms are equipped with air purifiers. Nearby bus stops and subway stops give you easy access to all of Beijing.

Housing & Meals

You’ll share a room with a local roommate in an international students’ dormitory. This modern building offers it all: multimedia classrooms, restaurants, cafés, stores, kitchens, laundry facilities, and even a swimming pool.

Dorm rooms are simple but comfortable, with basic furnishings, attached bathrooms and wi-fi access.

For meals, take your pick of campus cafeterias, nearby noodle shops or neighborhood restaurants.

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